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21 hours - Building Information Modeling and Building Services Engineering (BIM & BS introductory Course) [BIM-E21]
  • For practitioners working in Building Services Engineering related field ( e.g. : electrical, mechanical , fire engineering )
  • For practitioners such as, surveyors , contractors, developers, architects
  • For Form 5 Graduates
Course Description

The technology grows rapidly in Hong Kong and Mainland construction in the past decade. This growth was not only relied on the increasing human power or hardware, but mainly by using the latest software, which can assist in the construction process to maintain a high level of security and finish the project on time.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process to generate and manage the building data.

BIM is a three-dimensional (3-D), real-time and interactive building modeling software. It can enhance the productivity during the architecture, building design and construction processes. The generated BIM includes the geometry of building elements, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties.

BIM provides more comprehensive information for professional project teams (Architects, surveyors, civil engineer, structural engineer and building services engineers, etc.)

Course Features
  • Introducing the basic elements of Building Services Engineering first: HVAC, Fire Engineering, Plumbing & drainage & Electrical
  • Teaching theoretically and practically, all taught in Chinese, supplement with English
  • One person, one computer, learn the difficulties in simple ways
  • Adopting integrated teaching mode: classroom teaching with software applications. Teach how to use 3-D, and enhance the three main spatial dimensions ( width, height and depth - X, Y and Z)

BIM is the new standard for drawings in construction industry, and is widely used in various government projects. Therefore, Asian Institute of Built Environment organizes two Building Information Modeling (BIM) introductory courses, to explain the basic BIM applications, theories, and practical operation of the software, associating the practitioners take their first step to BIM.

  • For practitioners working in Building Services Engineering, surveyors, contractors, developers, architects related field or Form 5 Graduates

Course Content

2. Electrical
3. Plumbing & drainage
4. Fire Services
5. BIM theory
6. 12 hours BIM theories, applications and trainings

Course Fee

HKD $4,000

Class Size

Minimum 10

Class Schedule

Descriptions Duration

Day 1

BS - HVAC 3-hour

Day 2

BS - Electrical 3-hour

Day 3

BS - Plumbing and drainage; Fire Services 3-hour

Day 4

Understanding BIM and REVIT Software Training 3-hour

Day 5


Day 6


Day 7



Participants with 70%+ attendance rate will be issued a CPD certificate

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