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Master of Property

(Pure Distance Learning)
awarded by University of Newcastle (Australia)

Introduction to the Course

The Master of Property provides a flexible and relevant learning experience that meets the current and anticipated future needs of students, employers, the property industry and the wider community. The program is aimed at those already working in the property industry, or those working in related sectors who aspire to move into this field. Students entering the program come from a diverse range of backgrounds and use the knowledge and skills gained in this postgraduate qualification to enhance their career development in a chosen field. The program is designed to equip students with a wide range of practical skills and specialist knowledge for different property-based careers.
The study components serve to facilitate both students' professional and personal growth. Graduates will be equipped with a broad knowledge and understanding of property as an asset class within national and international markets and with the skills necessary to research, analyze and advise on decisions relating to the acquisition, administration, management, disposal, development and financing of property assets.

Teaching and Learning Support

The program is offered in full online mode, all course work and materials being provided through an online portal for each course. Students are able to participate in online tutorials and interact with lecturers and other students through online discussion groups. All students with access to broadband are able to participate in this program.

Course Structure

Course No. Course Name Credits of Course
ARBE6312 Sustainable Development 10 Units
ARBE6321 Property Economics and Finance 10 Units
ARBE6331 Property and Facilities Management 10 Units
ARBE6341 Property Law and Planning Legislation 10 Units
ARBE6351 Property Investment and Evaluation 10 Units
ARBE6362 Advanced Property Valuation 10 Units
ARBE6372 Statutory Valuations 10 Units
ARBE6382 Property Market Analysis 10 Units


Admission to the program will be competitive and on the basis of a completed undergraduate degree from an approved institution, with relevant qualifications in the following disciplinary areas:

  • property, building, quantity surveying, construction management, construction economics, facility management; and/or
  • related discipline areas including business, finance and commerce

A minimum of two-year relevant work experiences in a property or property related field including property management, facilities management, land development, investment analysis, valuation, planning, project management, quantity surveying and other allied areas of professional practice.

Application Method & Course Fee

This program consists of 8 courses, being run with 2-3 courses per trimester, and the total fee is HK$110,000 plus a minimum application fee. The tuition fee is $13,750 per course. Students may normally register 2 courses per trimester and could finish all 8 courses within two years.

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It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.