(English Version only)

MSc Facilities Management 

(Distance Learning)

awarded by Leeds Beckett University, UK


Course Features

  • Delivered online, facilitate study from anywhere and anytime
  • Industry experienced expert teaching team

Introduction to the Course

The MSc Facilities Management allows flexibility and all sorts of materials are downloadable from the internet.

Combine facilities planning with core business strategy and operational management activity to appraise the roles of property and service provision within facilities management.

As part of your course, you'll:

  • Demonstrate skills in effective service provision and monitoring
  • Gain an understanding of business strategy, cost control, people management and property-related issues
  • Focus on maintaining your organisation’s core business activities and meeting legislative requirements
  • Develop your knowledge of health and safety, risk management and business continuity
  • Identify and evaluate appropriate decision-making strategies
  • Develop research capability and cognitive skills, enabling you to analyse and resolve problems in your profession
  • Evaluate complex issues associated with physical, technical, legal, economic and environmental factors affecting building and space performance

A number of assignments will involve practical work and case studies. These will provide opportunities to address situations and issues highly relevant to your workplace which you can then apply to meet your organisation's operational needs. You’ll find you approach your work with improved confidence.

Facilities management at Leeds Beckett has an excellent reputation within the profession and our students and graduates can be found in many leading organisations, both in the UK and overseas.


Course Structure

The course is offered in distance learning mode only. Student will need to study through Virtual Learning Environment. here are a total of 6 taught modules and each of them is bearing 20 credit points. Additionally, this course requires a 60 credit points module - Masters Final Project / Dissertation and Research Skills. The entire course comprises of 180 credit points.

The following modules are offered:

Modules Credits
1 Facilities Information and Operations Management 20
2 Commercial and Financial Management (Practice) 20
3 Project Management 20
4 Managing the Property Asset 20
5 Facilities Management Strategy & Procurement 20
6 Environment Services and Maintenance Management 20
7 Masters Final Project / Dissertation and Research Skills 60
Total 180


Entry Requirements

  • At least a second class honours degree or equivalent; or
  • Have equivalent experience or training, normally from within the facilities management work environment; or
  • AND All applications should be supported by a reference, either academic or professional.
  • AND All applicants should satisfy the University English language requirements.

Course Fee (2024/25):

£55 for per credit point, total £9,900 for entire course

The amount you will pay may increase each year in line with inflation, subject to the decision of Leeds Beckett University.

Application Method

If you wish to receive local support via phone call or email (e.g. reminders, communications with the University etc.) during your study, please apply for the course via AIBE

Otherwise, please fill in online application form of Leeds Beckett University