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Further learning for working adults is not easy, especially when you are working in prosperous fields and having families with kids.


Asian Institute of Built Environment understands your needs. In addition to provide high quality professional teaching with plenty of practical case studies and work experiences sharing, we provide caring administrative support to facilitate your study and continuous development. Students and alumni spoke highly for such assistance and you can see their smiling faces from the interviews, photographs and videos showing their happy student experience.

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避屋宇裝備及設施管理專業 認可資歷新趨勢

屋宇裝備工程師 - 進修成才前路廣

屋宇工程勢盛 - 上流要增值

屋宇裝備工程深造課程 - 事業更上一層樓

屋宇裝備工程前途無限 - 發展事業晉升空間大


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