What is Housing?

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, “housing” means the provision of accommodation. The Hong Kong Institute of Housing defines a “Housing Body” as any public or private body (approved) constituted in Hong Kong which is concerned with or connected in any way with the provision or management of housing and a “Housing Organization” as any organization or corporation which is concerned with or connected with the provision of management of housing in Hong Kong or elsewhere (HKIH, 2008). Many housing professionals work under or serve housing bodies or housing organizations. In Hong Kong, housing professionals are often in charge of property management and facility management.


The Government officially establishes a Property Management Services Authority to implement the mandatory licensing regime for property management companies and property management practitioners, with an aim to regulate the property management industry. To facilitate the industry to adapt to the new regime, the first three years (i.e. from 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2023) after the implementation of the licensing regime is a transitional period during which anyone acting as a property management company (PMC) or property management practitioner (PMP) is not required to be licensed.


During the transitional period, anyone meeting the relevant criteria may voluntarily apply for a license. PMPs who do not meet the criteria for academic and/or professional qualifications but possess the specified work experience may apply for a provisional PMP license. Practitioners will be allowed three years to complete continuing professional development courses so that they can be granted formal licenses by the Authority upon expiry of the provisional licenses.


The BA(H) Housing Studies (operated by AIBE, awarded by Leeds Beckett University), starts in September every year.  It is now open for application!


*AIBE reserves the right of cancelation of programme due to insufficient enrolment number or special circumstances and the right of granting offer.